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Sleep Solutions  

If you could bottle and sell sleep, how much would it go for?? Because I will call my bank manager right now to discuss the loan in detail. Isn't it amazing what lack of sleep can do to a parent? When your tiny love comes into the world nothing prepares you for the overwhelming love you will feel, and what about the overwhelming sense of fatigue!? Well thankfully some clever people identified new parents obsession with sleep, and came up with some innovative products to help baby feel safe, comfortable and cosy enough to get some deep restful sleep. Here's what you need to know!

Cocoonababy Nest

Many parents cherish this product as much they do their newborn, because this clever ergonomic nest allows baby to adopt a familiar semi-foetal curved position while snoozing. The Nest provides a comforting and reassuring feeling similar to that of the womb which can instantly soothe an unsettled baby. The Cocoonababy improves the quality and length of the babys sleep (result!) and helps relieve colic and reflux symptoms thanks to its sloped angle. The risk of flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) is also reduced. Suitable from 2.8kgs and until baby starts to roll over or change position (approx 4 months).    

Sleepyhead Pod

The Sleepyhead pod is similar to the Cocoonababy in that it creates a cosy micro environment for baby to feel safe and secure, emulating the womb. It is also portable so ideal for napping anywhere around the house or indeed friends and relatives houses. The Sleepyhead pod Deluxe is suitable from birth to approx 8 months and is multifunctional and multitasking; baby can safely sleep, rest, lounge, play and do tummy time in the sleepyhead pod. When baby starts to grow, simply unclip the base of the pod to let little legs stretch out, and when they outgrow the deluxe size you can then move on to the Grand size which lasts form approx 8-36 months. And if that is not enough, just look at the cuteness!

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Ewan the Dream Sheep

Ewan is definitely the most popular little guy in the nursery, soothing baby to sleep with heartbeat and womb recordings. It really is all about recreating the womb effect! As well as womb noises, Ewan has rainfall and harp recordings to chose from, if you stick around the nursery and close your eyes you can pretend you are in a relaxation room of a 5 star Spa! Imagine! He has a subtle and calming pink glow and his clever velcro tail means you can move him around the house or keep him securely attached to the buggy when out and about.

Cosleepers and bedside cribs

The physical act of having to get up and out of your bed numerous times a night is enough of a challenge for a sleep deprived parent, so why get up at all when you can chose a cosleeper or bedside crib! By allowing your newborn to sleep close to you, it makes it so much easier to reassure them, breastfeed, and tend to their needs while resting in your own bed. The stylish SnüzPod and Chicco Next2Me are two superb options for safe bedside sleeping.    

Always remember, you've got this!

Aoife x