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Adapting the best we can

Like so many other families we are attempting to adapt as best we can and have tried to become super resourceful whilst staying home, staying safe and staying sane.
6 months ago

Instagram Inspired Nursery Decor Trends for 2020

Decorating your new baby's nursery is an exciting way to prepare for your little one's arrival, from choosing personalised wall art to picking the perfect nursery furniture. We have compiled the most popular #nurseryinspo hashtags for 2020.
8 months ago

My Birth Story by Emma Dowling, Empowered Mama

"Once I peeled back the expectations of myself and my baby and realised that I too had been reborn, as a Mum, and I needed space to and time to find my way in my new identity."
9 months ago

Embracing your new normal

For 9 months, the only home baby knows is the warm comfort of Mum’s body.
10 months ago

My Birth Story

10 months ago

The Bella Baby ultimate baby shopping experience


Your precious Baby, so tiny yet so important!

From bump to baby and beyond, we are here to help you prepare for the most important time in your life. 

1 year ago

Mama Makeup and Skincare secrets

Mother, makeup artist and skincare fanatic Tara Anderson, AKA Tara Makeup shares her wealth of knowledge on makeup and skincare, sharing skincare tips and a super simpe 5-step makeup routine...

2 years ago

New Parent Checklist

So you have considered your travel system, maybe even paid your deposit (exciting!), and decided what date you will collect your baby's buggy...

2 years ago

Teething tips - 6 ways to help your baby with teething pain

Teething is a challenging stage for your baby to endure, for some families it may last longer than others and can bring sleepless nights and tiring days. Teething can start as early as 3 months old, earlier for some babies, and in a few rare cases some babies are born with a tooth.

Tooth buds form under the gums as your baby develops in the womb, and when the gums start to bulge you know those sleepless nights could be on the horizon. Babies teeth can cut through one at a time or in groups, and generally the order they cut are the bottom middle two teeth come through first, followed by the upper middle teeth, and then the incisors, canines (cuspids) and molars. It’s so important to remember that this tough time will not last forever, teething can be torturous but it is just a phase and does end!

2 years ago