Surviving a year as a mum of twins!!

Surviving a year as a mum of twins!! (And a toddler)

Emer Coyne is a busy Mum of 3 young children and shares her top tips for parents of Twins!

When I was told I was expecting twins, shocked was not an accurate was more like dumbfounded!!! My son was 19 months old!

After I got over not being able to speak or take in this enormous, life changing news, I got into organisation mode. Planning ahead in case the twins arrived early, financial planning and new car, buggy and getting another one of everything planning.


The Irish Multiple Births Association are a wonderful group of families, run voluntarily by parents of multiples, to offer practical and emotional support through the rollercoaster of life with multiples. From buggy reviews to baby store discounts, I would highly recommend getting in touch and joining in.

Get Organised

Some people aren't into this before babies arrive, but I felt the need to gather as much as I could in order to be baby ready. I had concerns that the twins would arrive early, or I would be in hospital given the increased risk of pregnancy problems. When babies arrived and came home, I began a spreadsheet (nerdy, I know!) to track the girls' feeds and nappies. It's a whirlwind, and difficult enough to remember when you last ate or peed never mind two more tiny humans to keep track of!! It worked for me so no harm giving it a go!

Accept the Offers

People will offer help. Please accept it. They will eventually stop offering so please say 'yes thank you'. I found asking people to take the girls out for a walk in the pram or watching them while I took a shower was the best help for me. Remember that you are not superhuman, nor are you expected to be. It's hard to do it all yourself.

Vibrating Bouncy Chairs

These literally saved us!!! The ones suitable from birth with soothing music really helped settle the girls after their feeds, and kept them slightly upright which helped with reflux. With twins, I found it invaluable to have safe places to put your twins down, chairs, Moses baskets, cots, playmats... anywhere safe!!

Get out!

As soon as you are ready, try to join a little mum and baby group. Getting out of the house will really give you a boost and you will feel like wonder woman because you have 2 babies and everyone else only has one!!! My girls and I had a great time at Gymboree, I loved meeting mums and having a chat and focusing on playing with the girls. Home is so focused on housework and routines, it is lovely to dedicate time to play regularly.

Handy products

Baby potz -These little pots in all their differing sizes are a super help in the busy weaning process. I tended to cook in bulk and then freeze in the little pots. They are so handy to pop in the bag if you are feeding out and about.

Bottle balls- I longed for the day my twins would hold their own bottles... makes life so much easier. I introduced Bottle Balls when my girls were about 6/7 months and they got the concept really quickly. So easy for them to hold and get used to the weight of their bottles.

Cleva Mama cleva feed - This little gadget is so handy for early weaning. I popped oranges, toast, avocado and banana into these little Meshy holders and the twins munched away by themselves. So handy for experiencing early tastes and textures but totally safely!! Also available is the super handy My Feeding Pal.

Changing stations - A well stocked changing station both upstairs and downstairs is a necessity in my opinion. There are So. Many. Nappies!! It will save your legs and make changes that bit quicker. Some lovely stations available now and some with an integrated bath!

I feel I could write a book on what I have learned... quite literally, every day is a school day!!! There is no doubt that the days can be long and nights with two babies exhausting, but twins are amazing. Even more amazing are mums and dads of twins! We rock !


Delighted mum to 2 beauties Éabha and Erin xxx