Top Baby Names Inspired by 2019 TV & Film

From Frozen 2 to the Game of Thrones finale, 2019 has been an impressive and influential year for film and TV. So much so, that even baby names are being inspired by these popular series and film releases. We’ve looked at some of the most popular series and films from 2019, and just how influential the names have been. Here are 18 baby names inspired by some of your favourite heroes, heroines, and villains from 2019 film and TV. 

Frozen 2 


Popularity: Ranked #737 in 2019 

Origin: Teutonic

Meaning: a form of Elizabeth - consecrated to God 


Popularity: Ranked #72 in 2019 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gracious 


Popularity: Ranked #2,974 in 2019 

Origin: Derived from the late Greek name Christophoros 

Meaning: translates to ‘bearing Christ’

While Kristoff hasn’t made the top 1000, it’s showing an increase in popularity and has moved up 502 places since 2018, and looks to continue, while Elsa saw a decline in 2014, we have a feeling that with the latest sequel hitting the screens, parents simply won’t be able to let it go.

The Lion King


Popularity: Ranked #2,417 

Origin: Swahili

Meaning: Lion


Popularity: Ranked #594 in 2019 

Origin: African 

Meaning: successful

Both with African origin and powerful meanings, ‘Nala’ and ‘Simba’ from Lion King are fairly popular choices as baby names. Although Simba is often more popular as a pet name (insert link), it is up a huge 863 places from 2018 giving it a promising future. 

Peaky Blinders


Popularity: Ranked #376 in 2019 

Origin: Greek 

Meaning: Form of Thomas; ‘a twin’ 


Popularity: Ranked #542 in 2019 

Origin: English 

Meaning: ‘from the estate’ 


Popularity: Ranked #216 in 2019 

Origin: Teutonic 

Meaning: Happy 

With the recent revival of ‘antique’ baby names, it comes as no surprise that a name as unusual and dated as Ada is making a comeback, while Tommy makes the top 500.

Game of Thrones 


Popularity: Ranked #605 in 2019 

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: form of Johnathon meaning ‘God has given’ 


Popularity: Ranked #458 in 2019 

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: ‘respectable’ 


Popularity: Ranked #458 in 2019 

Origin: This is a name created using the fictional language used in Game of Thrones.

Meaning: Translates to ‘Queen’. 

The much-anticipated Game of Thrones finale left fans divided with its controversial ending, and no matter how much of a fan you are, you may also feel hesitant to name your child after one of the characters (especially with some of their reputations and ill-fate in mind).  However, Ayra ranks well in terms of popularity and is a lovely, Arabic name which translates to ‘respectable’ and Khaleesi meaning Queen is another top choice. 

Maleficent 2


Popularity: Ranked #32 in 2019 

Origin: Latin 

Meaning: Dawn

A name fit for a princess; ‘Aurora’ is nearly the most popular in this round-up, ranking at number 32. With the release of Maleficent 2 this year, it’s likely that this Latin, Sleeping Beauty inspired name is set to become even more popular. 

Stranger Things


Popularity: Ranked #664 in 2019 

Origin: German 

Meaning: brave fighter 


Popularity: Ranked #310 in 2019 

Origin: French 

Meaning: ‘she/woman/girl’. 

I mean, is there anything braver than a teenager that takes on a Demogorgon?! We think not - which is why we love the name Dustin translating to ‘brave fighter’. With season 3 of Stranger Things officially being ranked as the most talked-about Netflix series of 2019, we had to include this name. Eleven’s nickname Elle is also proving to be a popular girl’s name. 

Killing Eve


Popularity: Ranked #494 in 2019 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Life 

The hugely anticipated second season to the much-loved series Killing Eve came out this year, and it’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint. ‘Eve’ as a baby name (ironically) means ‘life’, making it the perfect choice for your new addition - it also made the top 500 names for 2019. 

The Crown


Popularity: Ranked #30 in 2019 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: ‘consecrated to God’ 

The most popular name from our film and tv-inspired list is unsurprisingly Elizabeth. If it’s good enough for the Queen; then it’s good enough for your little one! 



Popularity: Ranked #174 in 2019 

Origin: English 

Meaning: Bear

Arguably the most anticipated film of the year, featuring Joaquinn Phoenix; ‘Joker’ was a huge hit in cinemas worldwide. Telling the dark tale of troubled ‘Arthur’ it tackled some heavy issues surrounding mental health and society’s perception of it. Although this may not be the first character that comes to mind when naming your baby, ‘Arthur’ remains a highly ranked, traditional English name that also has Royal history behind it. 



Popularity: Ranked #133 in 2019 

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Jasmine flower 

The pretty floral name ‘Jasmine’ has remained a popular choice for baby girls for a long time now, and it’s also often associated with Disney princess Jasmine from Aladdin. 2019 saw yet another Disney real-life adaptation of its original film, starring Will Smith, and this name remains a top choice.

Most Popular Baby Names in Order: 

  1. #30 Elizabeth - The Crown 

  2. #32 Aurora - Maleficent 2 

  3. #72 Anna - Frozen 2 

  4. #133 Jasmine - Aladdin 

  5. #174 Arthur - Joker 

  6. #216 Ada - Peaky Blinders 

  7. #310 Elle - Stranger Things 

  8. #376 Tommy - Peaky Blinders 

  9. #458 Ayra - Game of Thrones 

  10. #458 Khaleesi - Game of Thrones 

  11. #496 Eve - Killing Eve 

  12. #542 Shelby - Peaky Blinders 

  13. #594 Nala - Lion King 

  14. #605 Jon - Game of Thrones 

  15. #664 Dustin - Stranger Things 

  16. #737 Elsa - Frozen 2 

  17. #2417 Simba - The Lion King 

  18. #2,974 Kristoff - Frozen 2 

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We used this tool to search names from popular 2019 tv and film shows and find out their ranking positions in terms of popularity, along with trends over time.