Hospital check list

The Essential Hospital Bag Checklist


What to bring in your hospital bag

With around 6 weeks to go to your due date it’s a good time to start packing your essentials in your hospital bags. You will need a small bag for the labour ward as well as your main hospital bag with everything you need for yourself; your newborn and your partner to make sure you are all as comfortable as possible. It’s also a great time to start collecting some skincare samples or minis while you are out picking up your last few bits for baby. These are useful to cut down on space in your toiletries bag (and allow space for those maternity pads!). Check out our list below for everything you need, we have found these items to be useful and practical for before, during and after labour.


When it’s almost time to go!

Once you have everything packed, it’s nice to put a few drops of your favorite essential oils such as lavender or lemongrass onto a cotton pad and tuck it into the bag itself as it will be few weeks before you open it again and it’s nice to have everything smelling fresh. Another tip is to leave the bag inside the house rather than in the boot of the car to avoid anything becoming cold or damp!


Tips for the labour and delivery ward

When it comes to what you will be wearing in labour, think of your clothing as a form of pain

relief. Iif you have a bra strap digging in or a tight sleeve or waistband it will only make you more

uncomfortable. Breathable cotton is ideal and always go for a nice roomy size, preferably with V

neck or button down so when baby is born you can tuck them up underneath the nightie on to

your chest to stay warm for precious skin to skin time. Another essential for the labour ward is a

water bottle with straw, one that you partner can hold to your mouth to sip from without

moving around too much. When you are in the zone with contractions you need to focus on your

breathing and not fumbling for sips of water! The tiniest things like lifting a bottle and tilting

your head back can be a challenge when you’re concentrating mid contraction.


Baby bundles

The trick of putting baby’s outfits in labelled sandwich bags is an absolute must! Packing little

outfit bundles are useful to grab and go when you need them. A vest, babygro, hat and even

a little cardigan is all you’ll need. A soft breathable cotton cellular blanket to keep them warm

and snug too.


Babies first feeds

If you plan to breastfeed, the midwives will be an amazing help getting baby to latch correctly

and are full of brilliant tips with different feeding positions. A good breastfeeding pillow you

more comfortable, help with better posture, better position for baby, better chance of a good

latch. If Mum is as comfortable is possible, then baby will be too!


Thank You Gifts

Lastly, pack 3 or 4 blank thank you cards to give to the midwives and teams who will be

supporting you before, during and after delivery. Have some tubes of nice hand cream or boxes

of chocolates ready as gifts for them as you’ll be swearing your undying love to

these amazing people for all they’ve done by the time you leave with your baby!