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Guarantees and After sale

Your 2-Year guarantee against manufacturing defects

Bella Baby has a wide range of products covering almost all categories in the nursery market. With certain exceptions, our products are protected by a comprehensive 2-year guarantee against manufacturing faults from the date of purchase (or receipt of the product where it is delivered to you by Bella Baby).

Where your product is covered by our 2-year guarantee, we will repair it and provide any necessary spare parts free of charge. For car seats, this includes providing a replacement shell where a manufacturing fault becomes apparent which in our opinion requires this. This guarantee is subject to the following conditions and exclusions.

Conditions and exclusions

1. Many of our products are supplied with a use, care and maintenance instruction manual. Please make sure you read this carefully before the first use of the product and keep it in a safe place for future reference along with your proof of purchase (till receipt if purchased in-store or your e-mail order confirmation if purchased online or over the telephone. You will need your proof of purchase if you want to make a claim under the 2-year guarantee. Products must be used, cared for and maintained in accordance with the instruction manual and failure to do so may invalidate your guarantee.

2. The 2-year guarantee does not apply to:

  • Clothes & Changing Bags
  • Bedding (including mattresses) and towels
  • Soft furnishings
  • Toilet & Bath accessories
  • Fabric/tyres/ wheels / Handlebar Foam / PVC / Logos on prams, pushchairs, strollers, travel systems, car seats, highchairs and other equipment
  • Toys (other than electric battery-operated ride-on vehicles)
  • Batteries and chargers

3. The 2-year guarantee applies only to manufacturing defects and does not apply to damage that has been caused accidentally or deliberately or from everyday wear and tear. All products which require repair outside the 2-year guarantee period or which are not covered by the guarantee will be chargeable.

4. This guarantee only applies to products purchased from a Bella Baby store or our website.

5. Great care and effort have been taken to ensure that the fabric /tyres/wheels/ Handlebar Foam / PVC / Logos on your pram, pushchair, stroller, travel system, car seat or other equipment will last. However, please take care not to leave the product in direct sunlight or to otherwise subject it to harsh weather conditions for regular, lengthy periods of time as fabric discolouration or fading may occur which is not covered by this guarantee. It is also important to note that we recommend cleaning and lubricating moving parts with light oil or silicone spray to prolong the life of your pram, pushchair, stroller or travel system.

6. As a fabric, PVC, tyres, handlebar foam and wheels are not covered by the 2-year guarantee, any repairs will be quoted and charged separately. We cannot guarantee that the identical fabric will be available as it may have been discontinued. Where this is the case, we will endeavour to offer you a suitable alternative from within the then-current fabric range.

7. Where you purchase your pram, pushchair, stroller or travel system from a Bella Baby store and it is sent for repair, we will, subject to availability, provide you with a pushchair suitable for the age of the child on loan free of charge while yours is being repaired. This pushchair is unlikely to be the same model as your own.  

8. We recommend that car seats are regularly checked to ensure they are securely and properly fitted in your car and that the harness has been correctly adjusted. If you are involved in a car accident with a car seat from any manufacturer fitted in your car, expert advice is that the car seat should be replaced even if apparently undamaged as damage may, in fact, have been caused which may affect the protection afforded by the car seat.

9. Wood is a natural product, has its own characteristics and natural marks and may change colour over time. Great care and effort have been taken to ensure that your wooden nursery furniture, crib, cot, cot/bed or highchair match those seen in the store. However, differences in grain, texture and colour may be apparent from one product to the next and even within a product and should be accepted as part of the individual appearance of the wood. Such variations are not covered by this guarantee.

10. All furniture is self-assembled please ensure you carefully and thoroughly check it immediately after purchase/delivery and prior to assembly to ensure none of the pieces is damaged or defective in any way. If there are any problems, please email our Customer Care team before going any further within 7 days of purchase (or receipt of the product where it is delivered to you by Bella Baby).

11. For self-assembly products, please also ensure that you have all the pieces immediately after purchase/delivery, and prior to an assembly including any which will only be used later (such as any parts necessary when you convert your cot bed into a bed or a single stroller to double). You will be assumed to have received everything you should have done unless you advise us otherwise within 7 days of purchase (or receipt of the product where it is delivered to you by Bella Baby). There may be a charge if you later ask us to provide a piece. We cannot, in any event, guarantee it will be available at that stage as products are discontinued from time to time and spare part availability will then be limited.

12. We do not guarantee the continued availability of furniture ranges or products. It may therefore not be possible to offer you a replacement from the same range if an item of furniture cannot be repaired. Where we are unable to offer you a replacement from the same range, any liability we have, whether in accordance with our guarantees, under the general law/statute or otherwise, will be limited to a refund of the product in question. We will not be liable to refund or replace any other products including other furniture items belonging to the same range as the item which cannot be replaced even where purchased at the same time.

13. Manufacturers may revise and discontinue products at any time without prior notice. Bella Baby makes no guarantee that any and all products will be available for future purchases. It is the customers' sole responsibility to purchase products when available is intended for future use. This is valid in all instances and in particular with purchases of items including adaptors and accessories that may be considered for conversion to double modes.


1. We reserve the right to reject items that are uneconomical for repair or are in an unsuitable condition.

2. Any repairs made, or the replacement or exchange of any product will not extend the original 2 year guarantee period. Any product provided by way of replacement or exchange of the product originally purchased will be guaranteed for the remainder of the guarantee period applicable to the original product.

3. This guarantee is subject to the product not having been modified, misused, undergone repair by someone other than Bella Baby, or a repairer authorised by Bella Baby or used for a purpose for which it was not designed.

4. Where proof of purchase cannot be provided Bella Baby reserves the right to assess the condition of a product and determine whether it falls within the scope of the guarantee.

If your product develops a defect that is covered by this guarantee, please contact us.

2 years + of purchase or receipt were delivered by Bella Baby

If a product is outside our 2-year guarantee we will endeavour to repair or replace parts subject to availability.

You are responsible for all costs involved in returning the product to us. Where you are returning the item by post, you are recommended to use a form of delivery that includes insurance for the full value of the product in case it is lost or damaged in the post as all items are at your risk until received.