Instagram's Biggest Nursery Trends for 2021

The look of a nursery can have a major impact on the child that sleeps in there, so it’s important that you get it just right. Not to mention that parents will be spending a lot of restless nights in there - it should look good!

Why not take inspiration from all the trendsetters on Instagram and find out what styles are expected to be a hit in 2021 below. We’ve even created a graphic featuring these at the bottom of the post if you’re a bit more visual! 


  •  #modernnursery - 153,443 posts

A lot of trends seem interested in the past and that hit of nostalgia, so it may surprise you that the biggest trend for 2021 will be a modern approach to nurseries. One browse of the hashtag will show you elements like solid colours and backlit artwork, all with a minimalist approach which is typical of modern design. 


  •  #genderneutralnursery - 56,896 posts

While gender reveal parties may be a hit in 2021, there’s still plenty of families that don’t want to know the gender of their baby until the big day. To play it safe, these nurseries often favour subtle colours; soft greys and creams over light blues and pinks. You’ll find no gender-specific posters or dolls here. 


  •  #rainbownursery - 18,066 posts

A classic style that’s been with us for decades and will be with us for decades more, rainbows are synonymous with nurseries and youth. Whether they’re on the bedding, the walls or the toys, there’s plenty of ways to give your nursery that rainbow touch. 



  •  #floralnursery - 17,295 posts

Flowers symbolise health, purity, love; no wonder it’s such a popular theme for nurseries. They’re also gender-neutral, too. This means that you can combine this approach with a popular style we’ve already discussed.


  • #greynursery -14,609  posts

Grey is a very modern colour, so it should come as no surprise that grey nurseries are so popular considering that modern decor was at the top of this list. Some may argue it looks a little drab, but these rooms can always be brought to life with some pops of colour. 


  •  #naturalnursery - 9,122 posts

Wood is a crucial component of this look, which means most nurseries with this style will predominantly favour cream and brown colours. These may also bring in elements of floral nurseries too, but don’t expect bright flowers like roses or dahlias to be included. 



  • #animalnursery - 8,459 posts

All children love animals (most adults do, too!) and, even if they aren’t the primary focus of the room, most nurseries will have some member of the animal kingdom represented. A painting of an elephant? A plushie of a dog? Go ahead. Our research shows that rooms entirely styled around animals will be big, though. 


  • #pastelnursery - 7,608 posts

Soft colour schemes are always a good fit for nurseries, which explains why pastel themes are so popular. The passive nature of this trend also means that it can be easily combined with other styles. For that reason, you might find many incorporating animals, for example, into this decor. 


  • #scandinaviannursery - 6,393 posts

These nurseries are predominantly white, with splashes of colour provided by wall hangings or mobiles. This can give a nursery a very relaxed feel, which is especially important if your baby has a little too much energy.


  • #forestnursery - 5,083 posts

Finally, we have the forest nursery trend, which combines elements of the floral and animal styles. These rooms are often highlighted with warm green splashes or entire walls painted with a forest emerald colour. 


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Are there any trends that you think will take 2022 by surprise? Will you be trying any of these styles for yourself? Remember, if you’re planning on decorating your nursery, we sell a huge variety of nursery furniture, bedding and much more. Take a look and contact us if you need anything!

Below, you can also find a graphic we put together which you're more than welcome to share on social media or your website - just link back to here so they know where you got it from!