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Warranty and Repairs

Warranty Issue Process

To ensure a smooth and efficient resolution of your warranty issue, please follow the steps below.

Note that this process applies to products that have been in use for over 30 days since the date of purchase.

Step 1: Gather Required Information

Before contacting us, please have the following information ready:

  • Date of Purchase: The date when you purchased the product.
  • Images of the Issue: Clear and detailed photographs showing the specific issue with the product.
  • Product Identification:
  • For strollers: The serial number (typically found on the frame or under the seat).
  • For furniture: The serial codes (usually located on a label or tag attached to the item).

Step 2: Contact Our Support Team

Send an email to our customer support team :

Dundrum store : [email protected]

Cork store: [email protected]

Oranmore store / online purchase : [email protected]

Please include the following details in your email:

  • Subject Line: "Warranty Issue - [Product Name/Model]"
  • Purchase Details:
  • Date of Purchase:
  • Place of Purchase (e.g., store name or online retailer):
  • Description of the Issue: Provide a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing with the product.


  • Photos of the issue.
  • A copy of the purchase receipt or invoice/  name number used If purchase through a store
  • Image detail of the serial number/serial codes.

Step 3: Processing Your Request

Once we receive your email with all the necessary information:

Our support team will log your warranty issue and send you confirmation once done.

We will forward the details to our supplier for further assessment.

Our supplier will review the information and determine the appropriate resolution, which may include repair, replacement, or other actions.

Step 4: Follow-Up

Our support team will keep you informed throughout the process. You can expect updates on the status of your warranty issue within 2-4 business days of your initial contact.

Step 5: Resolution

Once a resolution has been determined by the supplier, our support team will communicate the next steps to you. This may include instructions for returning the product, receiving a replacement, or scheduling a repair service.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work to resolve your warranty issue. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.