I'm on my second breastfeeding journey, both fairly similar, but this one is going on a little longer than the last. Josh decided himself one day after me being away when he was 8.5 months that he was done with the boob. Max is a big boob man so seeing how that will play out.

As it's International Breastfeeding Week, I thought I'd put together a post about all things related.

B-is for bye bye perky boobs. If pregnancy and one bout of feeding didn't have them touching my toes this feeding spell definitely has. Having said that, perky pre babies might have been a stretch!

R-is for right breast, still 9.5 months later I can get a bit of pain on this side. Max is tongue tied so his latch probably has its part to play.

E-is for easy, or not as the case may be... breastfeeding at the beginning certainly is not easy but for me on a day to day basis it is which is why I continue to do it.

A-is for ask for help, this is so important, especially in the early days.

S-is for sore, yes it's sore-cracked nipples and those first few days of latching on can be painful and are common ground but that will pass, promise.

T-is for timing, whether you do it for 1 week, 1 month or 1 year-that is up to you and your choices.

F-is for friends, I made some great mama pals in my breastfeeding group with Josh and having a friendly ear can be just what you need on the days where exhaustion is kicking in.

E-is for eating, you are definitely hungrier when feeding baby so eat well but treat yourself too.

E-is for expressing, getting a good pump is a really handy tool if you want to get baby onto a bottle at some stage but want to continue with mamas milk.

D-is for daddy, whether you decide to feed exclusively or combo feed make sure Dads have their part to play.

I-is for information, ask for information pre baby, in the early days or even when you are established.

N-is for nipple, nipple care at the beginning is key to avoid cracking or infection so lots of lanolin and compresses while you adjust.

G-is for great, despite some of what might sound negative above, it is great for baby and mum too so with the right support and if you have decided this is the route for you then enjoy it, embrace it and encourage it too! 

Breastfeeding Image