Instagram Inspired Nursery Decor Trends for 2020

Decorating your new baby's nursery is an exciting way to prepare for your little one's arrival, from choosing personalised wall art to picking the perfect nursery furniture. We have compiled the most popular #nurseryinspo hashtags for 2020.

1. Gender-Neutral Nursery

#genderneutralnursery 34,335 posts

Whether you're having a baby girl, or baby boy or are choosing not to find out the sex of your new baby; gender-neutral nurseries are becoming increasingly popular.

2. Floral Nursery

#floralnursery 12,924 posts

Consisting of soft, pastel patterns as well as bolder designs; floral nursery decor is a lovely, on-trend choice for a baby girl's bedroom. You can either go for a maximalism effect by mixing floral prints and pairing it with over the top floral wall decals or choose something more simple by implementing floral furniture or bedding against neutral walls.

3.Grey Nursery

#greynursery 11,618 posts

Whether you want to opt for an entirely grey nursery or just a grey nursery wall; this is a trend that is set to continue well into 2020. It's perfect for styling a unisex nursery, or can equally be complimented to suit a baby boy's room or baby girl's nursery room.

4.Rainbow Nursery

#rainbownursery 7,949 posts

Perfect for a kid's bedroom, playroom or a nursery; the rainbow design trend is a great way to experiment with colour. This new trend can easily be achieved with wall stickers, rainbow night lights, and accessories such as baby mobiles.

5.Natural Nursery

#naturalnursery 5,626 posts

Featuring natural wall hangings, natural wood furniture and shelving, as well as plenty of soft, neutral tones; the natural nursery trend is simple yet stunning. Add in some knitted wool furnishings as finishing touches.

6. Scandinavian Nursery

#scandinaviannursery 4,630 posts

Scandinavian decor is hugely popular, not just for your baby or kid's room, but also for living rooms and other areas throughout the home. This new Nordic style focuses on earthy pigments, textures, warm atmospheres, and sculptural shapes.

7.Animal Nursery

#animalnursery 4,502 posts

Themed baby rooms are another popular trend, and we've seen an increase in jungle and animal-themed baby nurseries over the past year, and this is definitely a trend that is continuing to grow particularly on Instagram. Think safari-style prints, lots of texture, greenery and cute soft animals; giraffes, in particular, seem to keep making an appearance!

8.Green Nursery

#greennursery 2,450 posts

Moving away from the traditional blue and pink nursery colour schemes, mint and olive greens are proving to be bang on-trend, offering something slightly different. Add some diy plant hangers and your baby's room is sure to be serene and soothing.

9.Minimalist Nursery

#minimalistnursery 2,030 posts

Minimalism is a timeless trend and many parents tend to choose this style for their baby's room. Many minimalist nurseries have a monochrome colour scheme and minimal nursery accessories for a chic, classic look.

10. Tropical Nursery

#tropicalnursery 2,021 posts

Offering a new twist on traditional nursery decor is tropic-themed room decor. This unique style boasts beautiful tropical wall decor, plenty of plants and greenery, along with lots of bird prints and patterns.