Joolz Uni² Footboard

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Have more than one child? Invest in the Joolz Day Footboard - your eldest can rest and keep the little one entertained while you maintain your pace. 

Fun, easy and comfortable. The Footboard of the Joolz Day allows your child to stand comfortably and enjoy the ride when out and about with your Joolz. 
This accessory can be stowed when it’s not used. The brake is always within reach, even when the Footboard is down.

-        Spacious and stable: your child enjoys a comfortable ride

-        Smart design: enough space for long legs behind the pushchair

-        Easy to store: stow footboard away when not in use

-        Foldable and practical: pushchair easy to fold with footboard attached

-        Easy ride: don’t mind the bumps and turns, get out and have fun