Snuz SnuzSurface Air Snuzpod 4 Mattress

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When it comes to excellent, feature-packed mattresses, Snuz stands out from the rest, and the improved SnuzSurface range is no different. The SnuzSurface Air Crib Mattress is specifically designed for newborns and babies under 6 months. With its firm supportive core, which is recommended for babies by sleep experts, its innovative breathable 3D mesh cover, which has a waterproof membrane to protect against night-time accidents, the SnuzSurface is a fantastic choice.



  • Offers protection from allergens and dust mites
  • Well ventilated, keeping your child cool
  • Perfect level of support as needed
  • Waterproof membrane, handy for little accidents

Newborns spend most of their days sleeping, it might not always feel like that though! With a SnuzSurface Air Crib Mattress, you can sleep soundly with them knowing that your little one is sleeping on one of the best mattresses available today.

Offering the kind of firm support recommended by sleep experts for babies under 6 months, the Snuz SnuzSurface Air is made from firm foam and a 3D breathable waterproof surface. The 3D breathable outer surface is perfect for protecting the mattress from any little leaks or accidents your baby may have. The cover also acts as an anti-dust mite barrier. Although it does have a waterproof outer cover, Snuz does recommend that you purchase an additional mattress protector to make sure the mattress stays in tip-top condition.

If you do need to remove the cover to wash it, it’s as simple as unzipping the cover, removing it and putting it in the washing machine at up to 40°.



SnuzPod4 mattress: 40 x 75.5 x 3cm

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