Bugaboo Cup Holder

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Bugaboo Cup Holder Bugaboo Cup Holder Bugaboo Cup Holder how to install the bugaboo cup holder
Bugaboo Cup Holder

The Bugaboo Cup Holder attaches to the handle of your Bugaboo baby stroller and stays level when holding your drink to prevent spills while strolling on inclined surfaces. The placement is adjustable on the side of the handle, so you can set it at exactly the height you want. As you adjust the height of the handle, the cupholder will be adjusted as well, so no matter who is using the Bugaboo, the Bugaboo Cup Holder will remain at the ideal height.

Installation: Each Bugaboo Cup Holder comes with 4 adapters numbered 1 - 4. Each number applies to a different Bugaboo stroller. You will need to use the adapter that corresponds to your Bugaboo stroller for proper installation. The accompanying instruction manual details these directions.