Zazu Wall Night Light

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This innovative wall light with small magnetic plush animals Fay, Rex and Otis could create a comforting environment in your child's bedroom. The wall light is operated by hand gestures and powered by a rechargeable battery (USB cable included).

Wave your hand under the wall light to turn it off / on. Hold your hand still under the wall light's sensor to adjust the brightness. Change colour? Simply tap on the wall light to choose from white, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise, green and multi-colour. The wall light could stay lit all night or shut off automatically after 20 or 45 minutes.



  • Rechargeable wall light with 3 magnetic soft toys Fay, Rex and Otis included
  • Swipe to turn off/on the wall light; Tap to change the colour; Hover to adjust the brightness
  • Multi colour nightlight: you can choose from: white, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise, green or multi
  • Auto shut-off after 20 or 45 minutes
  • Operated by a rechargeable battery & USB cable (included)
  • Watch the Wall Light in action below.



Proper Use:
Wave your hand under the motion sensor to turn of/off the light. Steadily hover your hand within 20 cm below the motion sensor and the brightness will automatically increase or decrease. Tap the ring to change the colour of the light. Choose from white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, turquoise and green

The wall light is meant for children above 3 years of age and is 30 cm in diameter

The plush can be washed by hand and air-dried

This product is intended for indoor use and is not water resistant. Please keep dry. For cleaning do not immerse in water but wipe with a damp clot

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