Sleepy Head


Dockatot: Innovative Baby Sleeping Pods

Dockatot is a revolutionary alternative to traditional Moses baskets, bedside cribs and cot beds. Designed with love by Lisa Furuland, this innovative product originates from Sweden and provides a comfortable, practical and stylish sleeping solution for your little one.

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Sleepyhead Toy Set Fuzzy Pals
Sleepyhead Toy Set Cloud Friend
DockAtot Toy Set For Deluxe+ Pod  - Cheeky Chums
DockAtot Toy Set For Deluxe+ Pod  - Cheeky Chums
Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Cover Chevron
Sleepyhead Grand Cover White
Sleepyhead Grand Cover chevron
Sleepyhead Deluxe Plus Pod
DockATot Deluxe+ Pod  Cloud Grey
DockATot Deluxe+ POD Rose
DockATot Deluxe+ POD Pink & Rose
DockATot Deluxe+ POD Brer Rabbit
Sleepyhead Grand Pod White
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