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My Brest Friend leaf My Brest Friend leaf My Brest Friend leaf My Brest Friend Breastfeeding's #1 Supporter
My Brest Friend leaf

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is unique as it wraps around the body and is secured to provide and maintain proper support for mother and baby. Maintaining proper support reduces the risk of latch on difficulties for baby, back problems and sore nipples for mum. Endorsed by Paediatricians, Lactation Consultants and the La Leche League.

Integrated into the pillow is a backrest, elbow supports and a firm flat front platform cushion. The backrest helps a mother to maintain good posture, preventing a sore back and neck, while the elbow supports prevents stress to her shoulders. The baby rests on the firm flat cushion that closes the gap between mother and baby and lifts the baby into the ideal position for feeding.


  • Wrap around design.
  • Secured to the body with an adjustable Silent-Release strap – adjusts to all sizes.
  • Back and elbow rests.
  • Convenient pocket - for nursing and other accessories.
  • Firm flat front cushion.