Gro anywhere Blinds

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Gro Anywhere Blind Gro Anywhere Blind
Gro Anywhere Blind

Designed with travel and versatility in mind, the Gro Anywhere blackout
blind is made of a lightweight, light-proof material which adjusts to any shaped window up to a maximum size of 130 x 200cm. If a larger window needs to be covered you could use multiple blinds.

Because Gro Anywhere Blackout blind fits directly to the glass it will fit almost any style of window and gives the closest possible fit to block out the daylight.

Each hem of the blind contains eyelets at regular intervals allowing the user to pop in suckers only where needed depending on where the frame sits, and the width of the window needing to be covered.  Each hem can also be shortened for a proper fit.

It  takes just minutes to put up, can be adjusted to fit around nooks and crannies of window frames, comes down even quicker and then packs into a handy travel bag ready for the next outing with baby.

Of course the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind can be used at home, but it was designed to travel and may get bored of being in one place for too long!