Snuzpod3 Bedside Crib Complete Bundle


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Snuzpod3 Bedside Crib  Complete Bundle
Snuzpod3 Bedside Crib Complete Bundle

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    Our complete Snüz bundle includes everything you need to sleep safely, feed easily and be even closer with the all-new SnüzPod3 bedside crib! Boasting a stunning new look and brand-new features, making it the perfect sleep solution from new-born to 6 months. Including essential Snüz accessories for a peaceful nights sleep, you can purchase the SnüzPod3 Bedside Crib, SnüzCloud sleeping aid, Snüzpod mattress protector and Snüzpod storage pocket in one handy bundle.


    What’s included:

    • Snuzpod3 Beside Crib including mattress
    • Snuzpod3 Mattress Protector
    • Snuzpod3 Storage Pocket
    • SnuzCloud Sleeping Aid

    Snuzpod3 Beside Crib Features:

    • Comfort, feed and be closer to your baby
    • NEW wider & lighter lift-off bassinet
    • NEW Reflux incline feature
    • Fits divan & framed beds (max. mattress height 63cm)
    • 0-6 months, or until baby can sit up unaided
    • Mattress included

    SnuzCloud Sleeping Aid Features:

    • Helps comfort and settle your baby to sleep
    • 4 soothing sounds: heartbeat, pink noise, lullaby & waterfall
    • Two light options: a calming pink glow & soft white night light
    • Soft, plush and portable
    • Attaches to your crib, cot, pram or car seat
    • Adjustable volume

    Snuzpod3 Mattress Protector Features:

    • 100% waterproof
    • Outer: 100% cotton/Inner: 100% Polyester
    • Lies on top of the mattress
    • No pesticides in the cotton
    • Perfectly fits the Snuz Pod3 Bedside Crib 3 in 1

    Snuzpod3 Storage Pocket Features

    • Clever Storage Accessory
    • Holds all the essentials you and your baby need during the night, and all within an arm’s reach.
    • Created from the same durable material as SnüzPod3, the Pocket is a perfect match in every way.

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