Balios S Lux 8 piece bundle - Black frame with Cybex Aton & Base

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Cybex Aton Base M I-Size
Cybex Aton M i-Size Car Seat - 2020
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Cybex Balios S Car Seat Adaptors
Cybex Balios S Car Seat Adaptors
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Cybex Pushchair Cupholder Black
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Balios S Lux 8-Piece Bundle

Introducing the new, elegant addition to the Balios family, the Balios S Lux with Cybex 4-in-1 Travel System capabilities. The Balios S Lux accommodates a seat unit, an infant car seat, the Cot S, or the comfortable Cocoon S (sold separately), to give you ultimate flexibility in travel options wherever you go. 

This Lux 8-Piece bundle features the Balios S frame and seat unit, the Cot S, the Aton M isize with Base M and adaptors, cupholder, raincovers for carrycot and seat unit, and footmuff so you've got all you need for safe travels with your little one from birth. 

One Frame, Four Travel Options

The Balios S Lux is designed to be one of the most versatile pushchairs out there when it comes to travel choice. Adaptable for every age, the Balios S Lux can accommodate the Lux seat unit, award-winning Cybex infant car seats, the Cot S, or the comfy Cocoon S (sold separately) so you can decide the best way to travel on any occasion. 

The stroller is also suitable from birth, meaning that even when you don't want to attach the Cot S, the large seat unit can be reclined to a luxuriously comfy and cosy lie-flat position so your baby can lie flat comfortably for years to come. 

The Balios S Lux can also be easily folded into a free-standing parcel, meaning that you can store it away easily when you get home, and tuck it neatly away into any corners when you are out and about.

Exceptional Comfort

Cybex's Balios S Lux offers exceptional comfort over a range of different terrains thanks to its super-soft suspension that provides easier mobility and handling for you as well as uninterrupted sleep for your little one. 

The all-terrain wheels featured with the Balios S Lux also allow you to go off-road with confidence in the knowledge that they won't puncture no matter how rough the surface you're travelling on becomes. 

Balios S Lux also features a steering level height that can be tailored to the appropriate height for each parent. Easy adjustment with one-hand allows you to achieve this change on-the-go so that when it's time for someone else to take the reins they can do so easily and with minimal impact to their spine.

Convenience in travel

The Balios S Lux 8-piece bundle features numerous accessories designed to keep both you and your baby comfortable and happy all day long. The extendable XXL sun canopy has been produced using UPF50+ protective fabric to shield your child from the elements, while also featuring a mesh window to allow for breathability and healthy air ventilation in the warmer months. 

The Balios S Lux also comes with a spacious shopping basket that allows you to carry items up to 5kg, so no need to lug around an extra changing bag all day. This bundle also comes fully equipped with a cup holder so you can easily quench baby's or your thirst throughout the day, while the footmuff is included to keep your little one comfy-cosy even in the harsher winter months. 

Cot S

Throughout your little one's first months, a well-constructed carrycot is essential to give them a cosy place to sleep and keep them comfortable and happy on the go. 

The Cot S is not only super-spacious but has also been equipped with a soft and cosy foam mattress that is designed to support a correct lying position for your little one by cradling their developing spine. Like with the seat unit, the Cot S features a UPF50+ sun canopy to keep their sensitive eyes protected from the sun's rays, while also featuring a mesh window to provide optimal airflow and an easy way to check on them throughout the day. 

The Cot S also features an ergonomically placed carry handle along the sun canopy to provide easy carrying and attachment to the stroller frame thanks to the memory buttons. Including interior lining fabric that's as warm and comfortable as cotton, the biggest Cybex Gold Cot offers a comfy and sheltered place for your little one to nap on-the-go, whenever they need. 

Aton M i-Size Infant Car Seat

The Aton M i-Size by Cybex has been designed to offer the latest safety technology available. It can be installed using the Base M included in this bundle to comply with the high standard of ISOFIX safety to enhance the protection offered for your child. 

Being an i-Size car seat the Aton M i-Size meets the highest UN R129 standard of safety, making superior rear-facing travel possible until your child reaches 15 months. The Aton M also features a removable insert to ensure a near-flat lying position for premature and newborn babies meaning that from birth this car seat is ideal for cradling your newborn in a protective and comfortable environment. 

When it comes to comfort, the Aton M has 11 different height adjustable positions contained within the headrest to ensure the perfect fit and maximum safety for your child. The head and shoulder protectors are also designed to grow with the personal space requirements of your child so that the Aton M can protect your child for a longer period of time. 

The Linear Side-Impact Protection system provides extra safety in the event of a side-impact collision by systematically absorbing the force in a linear series of reactions. The body's kinetic energy is absorbed at a very early stage of the collision by the energy-absorbing shell while the baby's head is actively guided into a safe position.

The Aton M also features an integrated XXL sun canopy designed with UPF50+ materials to protect your little one from harmful UV sun rays on summer drives. Alongside this, the extra-wide Y-harness straps with soft belt and crotch pads will keep them comfortably secure all drive long. 

The Aton M is also travel system compatible with a large variety of pushchairs and strollers. It's best to check before purchasing whether the Aton M is compatible with your pushchair or you can simply buy a complete travel system to ensure it all works all together from the moment you leave the store. 

Cybex Base M

The Cybex M Base is an ISOFIX car seat base compatible with the Aton M included in this bundle and the Sirona M2 i-Size (sold separately). It allows your child to remain rear-facing until 4 years old. Installation is easy with a one-click installation system with correct fitting guides for minimal error. The ISOFIX attachment teamed with the adjustable leg provides ultimate stability in your vehicle.



Balios S Lux

Age suitability: from birth - approx. 4 years
Weight suitability: from birth - 22kg

Folded dimensions: 75cm x 60cm x 41cm 
Weight: 11.7kg

Cot S

Age suitability: from birth - approx. 6 months
Weight suitability: from birth - 9kg

Dimensions: 77cm x 32cm x 60cm 
Weight: 4.4kg

Brands Cybex
Colour Nomad Red
Preorder No
Apply Partial Payment Yes
Down Payment 0

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