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Bellybelt Combo Kit Belly Belt by Fertile Mind Bellybelt Combo Kit Belly Belt no size
Bellybelt Combo Kit

From the moment your jeans feel a bit tight, use BellyBelt to add inches to the waistband of your favourite jeans, trousers and skirts, and stay comfy. The stretchy, adjustable BellyBelt combo kit is so simple! It works with any button or slide fly fastening and includes fabric cover-up panels that fill the gap created by your open zip.

What is in the box:

  • 2 button BellyBelt fasteners (2 different lengths with 5 positions)
  • 2 slide BellyBelt fasteners (2 different lengths with 5 positions)
  • 3 fabric cover-ups (blue, white and black)

How long can I wear it? All pregnancies are different - BellyBelt can be worn from as soon as your clothes feel tight right through until you go into labour, and even afterwards until you can get back into your clothes. 

Can I wear low slung jeans? Hipster and skinny jeans can be worn with the BellyBelt, they often have a shorter fly so you may only need the elastic belts and not the cover-up panels, you'll need to stretch the elastic to get enough tension to avoid them falling down. You'll get more wear time from higher-waisted trousers with the BellyBelt.

How can I make the BellyBelt sit smoothly? BellyBelt can be worn alone or with the fabric panels over the top. The smallest belt is smoother and more easily concealed if worn without a panel. Layer a Bando over the top to cover up the gaps.