Cognikids Grip

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Grip® is designed to help babies grasp their own bottle, encouraging them to develop the skills necessary for independent feeding. Easing the transition from breast to bottle.

Grip is a kneedable, squashable, packable, washable, tactile and colourful jacket for your baby’s bottle. If your baby is transitioning from breast to bottle it can help ease that transition. If you baby is learning to feed them self, it can assist with that process.

Bottles might fit easily into adult hands, but they are often harder for little hands to hold. The mesh structure of Grip® makes it easier for your baby to grasp and lift their bottle to their mouth.

Grip® is made up of lots of circles. This is no accident. The circular shape encourages your baby to use a pincer grip to grasp. In fact, the circular structure of Grip’s mesh makes it difficult for babies NOT to develop that all-important pincer grip.